Penalty Increase in New Jersey

The State of New Jersey is considering increasing the penalty for possession of an “assault firearm” from a third degree crime to a second degree crime, which carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison and a $150,000 fine.  Before anyone in New Jersey suggests “Well, it’s the law and you should obey it!” consider that this is considered an assault firearm in the State of New Jersey:

Clearly any New Jersey gun owner who happens to be an unbeknowing lawbreaker, and possesses one of these high powered .22 caliber machines of death, they deserve 10 years in the pokey!

4 thoughts on “Penalty Increase in New Jersey”

  1. How many per year have been convicted in NJ under the lowly third degree crime?

    Surely there must be so many such that the legislature feels the need to increase the gravity of the offense so that criminals will take them seriously.

    Either that, or they want to distract the people from the bankruptcy of the state caused by corruption and the attempt to redistribute wealth.

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