David Coy for NRA Board of Directors Video Introduction

I am almost always happy to see it when candidates for the NRA Board of Directors try new ways to engage with NRA members. There are certainly enough empty seats on the Board, and there are many who you simply won’t ever have the chance to engage with if you don’t live in their state.

Anyway, David Coy put this together for his 2011 run, but I think it’s an introduction worth sharing this year.

7 thoughts on “David Coy for NRA Board of Directors Video Introduction”

  1. VOTE FOR THIS MAN, PLEASE! His speciality is accounting and keeping the finances in order. Yes, he’s absolutely pro-RKBA, but more than that, David Coy understands the finances and the numbers that are required to keep a large organization afloat and running. When he was not re-elected in 2011, the mood among the NRA Board members was one of being stunned, on the order of, “What do we do now? Whom do we look to now for this kind of guidance?” David Coy basically said, “Don’t worry. I’ll keep helping you as I’m able to.” He is a humble, modest, sort-of-boring college professor, but man-o-man he understands accounting and finance. Please vote for David Coy.

  2. Well, I posted above before watching that video. LOL! He begins as a quiet, modest, college professor type. But by the end of the video, he’s coming across more like Denny Crain in the scene from the tv show where he’s pulling guns out of his pockets! Vote for Coy! He may not be so quiet after all.

  3. As a fellow financial person, I was most impressed by Mr. Coy’s video. He is a well-rounded and seemingly knowledgable person. I will be voting for Mr. Coy – he is #9 on the ballot and a vote for him will only strengthen NRA Board.

    Good job digging up this intelligent video!

    1. Hmm, you got a ballot? May I ask when you received it? Sebastian hasn’t received his magazine ballot. I know why I don’t have mine yet since I’m a digital subscriber, but he should have his by now if you have your ballot.

      Also, the ballots are printed in different order for different people. Random fact.

      UPDATE: Nevermind, Sebastian informs me that our multiple requests to make his subscription digital finally went through after months of making the request.

      1. Hmmm…well, didn’t know that the ballot order was different for different people. Good to know.

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