One Gun a Month Headed to Floor in New Jersey


On Monday, June 23, the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A339 – New Jersey’s latest version of gun rationing legislation, which affects collectors, sportsmen, target shooters, and interferes with the inheritance of firearms.
The legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Joan Quigley (D-32), would criminalize the purchase of more than one handgun per month by honest citizens, even though they have already been pre-certified by the state as law abiding citizens after passing a comprehensive 13-point background investigation. Multiple handgun permits could not be used during the same 30-day period, and permits that could not be used before their expiration date would become useless.

The legislation restricts the rights of law abiding citizens, and fails to address the true source of “gun violence” – criminals. A New Jersey court recently invalidated similar legislation brought at the local level, holding that there is no rational relationship between restricting the number of firearms purchased by law abiding citizens and crime.

They are asking that people in New Jersey contact assembly members here.  I guess outlawing muskets wasn’t enough for Bryan Miller.  Seriously, New Jersey folks, you have to stand up and get organized, or it’s all going to over for you.  Don’t depend on Heller to save you.  It might not.  New Jersey already requires gun owners to get a license before purchasing a firearm.  It also requires a permit from the police for each pistol purchased.  My understanding is that process time on these can be up to a year, despite what the law says.  Adding one gun a month to New Jersey’s already insane requirements for purchasing a firearm is worse than useless.

One thought on “One Gun a Month Headed to Floor in New Jersey”

  1. Handgun purchase permits expire 90 days after the date of issue. You can apply for multiple permits at the same time, but this new legislation basically means there’s no point in applying for more than three at once. As you note, local PDs routinely ignore the law for permit processing times, especially within Democratic strongholds. This new law would be totally pointless.

    Joan Quigley is one of the anti-gun Democratic legislators who constantly introduce bills of this sort. If nothing else, she illustrates how the gun grabbers can overcome limited appeal and limited resources if they have the ear of an entrenched politician or bureaucrat.

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