Hard For Gun Control Orgs to Find Friends

All the usual suspects are in dire straits because the President didn’t mention anything about gun control, err, sorry, gun violence, in his state of the union address. I don’t know why they are surprised by this. There’s only one person who wants to avoid the gun issue in the 2012 campaign more than Obama, and his first name rhymes with shit. Yet they continue to act like jilted stalkers lovers when Obama doesn’t toss them a bone during high-profile public speeches.

But who can blame them? Friends are hard to find these days for the gun control movement. We all remember Andrew Cuomo right? He was the HUD secretary under Clinton that sued firearms manufacturers, and then strong-armed Smith and Wesson into accepting the infamous deal that very nearly ruined its iconic American brand. Now Cuomo, following in his dad’s footsteps, is Governor of New York, and the state is running out of money. When it comes to fiscal responsibility and keeping up appearances for the sake of the gun control groups, what does he choose? Fiscal responsibility. He’s recommending the CoBIS ballistic database be scrapped, because it costs too much money and is ineffective. Andrew Cuomo is proposing scrapping a gun control law, because it doesn’t work. He is no longer willing to pretend the emperor is wearing clothes. I half expect next that Bill Clinton will come out of his Manhattan Office with an AR in one hand and an AK in the other, thrusting them in the air exclaiming “You know all that gun control stuff? Yeah. That was all Hillary. Long live the NRA!”

10 thoughts on “Hard For Gun Control Orgs to Find Friends”

  1. If Clinton were to see the booth babes at SHOT and the NRA show; he’d be there.

  2. If Billy Boy came out armed like that in New York I suspect the boys in blue would perforate him. Well, that is if they are not too busy arresting Marines and medical students trying to abide by New York gun laws.

    Glad to see that even Democrats can eventually recognize that gun control laws are USELESS.

  3. I’m saying that a bit tongue and cheek. Cuomo certainly hasn’t become a friend of the Second Amendment, but the idea that he’d put a signature gun control program on the chopping block would have been utterly unfathomable a few years ago.

  4. Whomever can be originally quoted as saying:

    “Circling the toilet drain” should be commended on their remarkably accurate comment.

    …and Joan takes a vacation…

  5. I would love to see Slick Willie do that. Except for the gun thing, I’ll admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Bill Clinton.

  6. Qhith gun sles at record levels and the shooting sports having record attendence, the gov, and gun banners are laying low. Obummer doesnt want the heat from his own lefties, but is getting it. We all know Romney has a poor grade with the NRA, but he will lean pro-gun as he needs to. Gun rights in this nation are under constant attack from media to Brady and the gov, We need all hands on deck to keep the second amendment floating and free !

  7. I half expect next that Bill Clinton will come out of his Manhattan Office with an AR in one hand and an AK in the other

    I personally alaways thought of Clinton as a straight razor type of man, although if the old rumors from Arkansas are to be believed he’s really a chainsaw creep.

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