6 thoughts on “Close Prisons and Pass More Gun Control”

  1. Makes sense. Turn the whole state into a Prison, won’t even need to prosecute or have law enforcement!

    That was how Australia started…

  2. I guess if his plan is to normalize crime and desensitize people to the violence, he’s got a winning plan.

  3. Of course, being the wacky guy that I am, I’m of two sides on this: I think we should ban prisons, but I also think that if we’re going to have prisons, we should arm everyone going in, and train them in the use of those arms (ideally, we shouldn’t have to do this, because everyone should have had that training already :-).

    Having said that, I *don’t* think we should get rid of punishment: all crimes should be punished by fine payable to the victim (or the victim’s estate, in the case of murder), and in the case of murder and rape, the perpetrator should be declared an outlaw, and be subject to the mercy of some sort of “avenger of blood”.

    I have a feeling that when Cuomo wants to get rid of prisons, he just wants to get rid of punishment. I would agree with that for a large number of crimes–perhaps 90% or so–but I also have the sneaky suspicion that he wants people punished for those things that are harmless, like owning a gun, but if you steal, or rape, or murder, you should go Scott Free!

  4. New York City had 67 people shot over Labor Day weekend. How are those extremely strict, gun control laws working for you there, Governor Cuomo?

  5. Could he have picked a less constructive, mor backward way to approach the problem?

    Sometimes it seems people like Cuomo know what they want, and it isn’t a peaceful society. The batting average for bad decisions seems so high, ineptitude isn’t a logical explanation.

    A people cowed by lots of violent crime is a people more dependent on the state, and more manageable for the swells running the state.

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