Inky Says Gun Control Too Hard

The Philadelphia Inquirer laments how difficult it is to pass even minor gun control laws in Pennsylvania in response to another shooting of a Philadelphia Police officer (happy ending — dead bad guy, live cop).  You know what would do a lot to protect the city’s police officers?  Locking up bad guys.  The man who shot Detective Ford was this guy.

Maybe one of the reasons it’s so hard to pass gun control in Pennsylvania is because we might have a point when we suggest the city is not even using the laws it already has to lock up violent and dangerous individuals.  If you refuse to prosecute dangerous individuals who commit gun crimes, how are more laws the city won’t use going to help?  If the City had prosecuted the gun crime Robinson committed, he would have been in state prison.  He would not have been on the streets to shoot at police officers.

2 thoughts on “Inky Says Gun Control Too Hard”

  1. Robinson must’ve just been misunderstood, perhaps if he’d been given job-training for the millions of newly created (or saved) green jobs and a paid internship things would’ve turned out differently.


  2. It appears Robinson’s job has been teaching Penn judges how to roll over and play dead. Someone, the judge and or prosecutors not doing their job (probably just collecting the paycheck, typical democratic payback jobs for services rendered.)

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