This Can Never Be Good

Jim Geraghty takes a look at Newt’s contract from Freddie Mac, a subject of current controversy. But what interests me, particularly, is the opening line from one of his readers:

I worked at Freddie as a consultant during the same timeframe that Newt was there. I can tell you that the place was creepy with consultants of all ilk. The semi-circle drive in front of the main building was logged jammed with Lincoln Towncars come 4:30 pm every day. I’ve stood in line with Paul Begala waiting to get a coffee at the Starbucks in the Freddie lobby. Freddie at its height was a multi-trillion-dollar company that had only about 6,000 employees. Everyone else was a consultant or contractor.

There’s no way this is the situation and there’s not an awful lot of fleecing going on.

2 thoughts on “This Can Never Be Good”

  1. Yeah, this might be controversial. If we get Mittens as the candidate, maybe the media will like us. I mean, like, we can’t say anything bad about ObamMAO because then the media won’t like us and will call us racist or something.

    Is it too late to get McCain to run again?

  2. So, is the objection he got $300,000/year for consulting work or that he may been doing lobbying for Freddie? Because $300,000/year does not seem like a whole lot of money to me for a one-of-a-kind consultant. And since nobody can prove he did any lobbying, that seems to be conjecture at best.

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