Gun Sales Surging Internationally?

Dave Hardy notes record gun sales, which we certainly have been hearing a lot about, but it also looks like it’s happening in Australia too:

Equally interesting, it may be a global phenomenon. In Australia, New South Wales to be specific, gun control advocates are upset because gun permits are up about 25%, and uo about 80% over five years ago. It’s also interesting that they have formed a “Shooters Party” in Parliament.

They’ve formed a shooter’s party, largely because they have to. The increased level of sales is making the gun control crowd (Rebecca Peters) in Australia stand up and loudly proclaim that something must be done. They are proposing that people be limited as to how many guns they may acquire.

In some ways I find the foreign gun control organizations refreshingly honest. They don’t like guns, and want to restrict them as much as they can. They make that abundantly clear. You don’t see these people playing up victimhood, and trying to convince everyone they are just out to honor victims, in an attempt to appear sympathetic. The foreign organizations know what they are out to do, and many have the power to do it. When you look at the contrast, you kind of wonder how much our gun control crowd is just mulling about feeling sorry for themselves these days. Not that I can blame them.

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  1. On my Candlelight Vigil post the first submitted photo I put up was from a Czech fella that was his Carry Glock.

    I was really impressed with that.

  2. They make no pretenses because they don’t have a 2nd Amendment that they must get the people to discount. If they had a Constitution that protected the possession and carry of firearms, then they would be touting victims and false studies and the like, also.

  3. It is great to look at Australia and the UK to expose the motivations behind gun control. This is from the link:

    The National Coalition for Gun Control, which obtained the latest figures under freedom-of-information laws, says that the increase is linked to the scrapping of a 28-day waiting period for a second or subsequent firearm.

    “The law allows a firearm licence-holder to accumulate an unlimited number of [additional] firearms without undergoing any critical background checks and without any waiting period,” the chairwoman of the coalition, Samantha Lee, said.

    Wait- why is it super critical to conduct a background check on someone who already owns a firearm, and holds a license? Isn’t that the point of having a license? And a four week waiting period for your second gun??? That can’t be a “cool off period”. I guess you need to slowly introduce your gun to the concept that their will be another gun in the house- like a pregnant woman who carries around a doll in front of her two year old.

    It is without question that these policies are specifically to dissuade gun ownership. As Sebastian said, they don’t even try to hide it. When gun ownership goes up, they blame the scrapping of a policy that’s primary purpose was to reduce gun ownership. It is great to see that even in Australia, some of these PITA requirements are going away.

  4. As a citizen of Oz, I can happily say that I currently have more, and more powerful, firearms than I did before the confiscation.

    I recently visited Port Arthur, Tasmania, site of the unpleasantness that was the proximate trigger (pun intended) for the Australian Federal Gun Buyback Confiscation.

    Everybody was warned on arrival not to mention the shooting, as it might upset the people working there. According to the guide, the memory of what happened is too painful.

    He was not best pleased when I suggested that the reason they would get upset is only because they were reminded how helpless they were if it happened again.

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