“I Like Guns” Video Getting Media Coverage Down Under

Looks like the media in Australia is noticing the success of the video, and most importantly, it’s pissing off the right people.

The President of Gun Control Australia, John Crook, said the song was irresponsible for portraying guns as fun and non-violent. “Guns are designed to kill. The gun control laws we have in Australia have only been obtained after thousands of people have been killed.”

I liked the song and video, but having Mr. Crook’s narrative challenged is the real music to my ears.

7 thoughts on ““I Like Guns” Video Getting Media Coverage Down Under”

  1. Okay, I’ll give the Aussie anti-gunner the fun portrayal but non-violent? Did he see the car they shot up? Or how about watermelons? There’s even has shot of the bullets hitting the car from the inside. Just what is non-violent about that.

  2. I can’t believe I could possibly enjoy that music video more, but thanks to Anti-rights activists I now know better.

    One thing still confuses me, how can these people attribute human behavior to mechanical devices?
    The crusades were very violent, but how? There were no firearms yet!

  3. “Guns are designed to kill.”

    My answer? “Well, some people just need killin’.”

  4. Guns are designed to kill.

    Well, so were knives. Which were banned in the City of Rome (the rich of course had teams of club-wielding bodyguards) – yep, those guys who killed Julius were committing a felony by carrying knives in public.

  5. “Guns are designed to kill.”

    My answer? “Well, some people just need killin’.”

    Yep, I’ve completely stopped splitting hairs over that talking point. Yeah sure a single-shot trap gun, or the crazy Italian .22 pistols that guys at the range keep offering me to shoot, but I can’t even grip them because the custom grip is molded for their smaller hands are NOT designed to kill.

    But Let’s face it, lots of guns ARE designed to kill, and in the case of justifiable homicide, which is SPECIFICALLY what they’re designed to do (if all else fails of course) and the law and society at large has NO problem with that.

    I once asked an anti-gun coworker if she would beat somebody to death to avoid getting raped. She said “Of course!” When I pointed out that a gun does the same thing (dead is dead) but you have a better chance of succeeding, she suddenly got mighty uncomfortable.

    There are plenty of times when killing another person is justified, and it happens often enough that I’d be a fool for not carrying something for such an occasion

  6. “… she suddenly got mighty uncomfortable.”

    That was actually a long pause while the relays operated.


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