Gun Control Internationally

Ahab talks about Canada’s attempt to get rid of their registry.  I’m less optimistic than he is about Canada.  Gun control is popular in Ontario and Quebec, which can outvote the western provinces.  I think the passion about gun control laws in Canada stems from a desire to be seen as different from the United States.  That’ll be a tough egg to crack for shooters in Canada.

Ace talks about Japan, which is tightening it’s laws.  I’m not sure how much tighter you can get than pretty much illegal already.

Apparently Australia’s new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is a shooter.

“Likewise, the federal Labor Party under the leadership of Kevin Rudd has signalled a closer, more understanding relationship with shooters.

“Mr Rudd is no stranger to the shooting range and has not shied away from the media about his support for the shooting sport.”

Kevin a gun lover, maybe even a gun toter?

The Howard years were not good for Aussie shooters.  Hopefully Rudd will be better to them.  Kind of strange that in Australia it could end up being Labor that’s friendly toward gun owners.

3 thoughts on “Gun Control Internationally”

  1. I was just checking into the Bahamas on that, too. Found an article linked at Gun Policy talking about how in the Bahamas it’s virtually impossible to legally purchase a firearm, yet their homicide rate rivals Detroit.

    They blame it on America.

    Go figure.

  2. This is great news actually. I know Howard was universally hated, by australian liberals (american liberals, because in australia the liberal party is the center-right party) and shooters. I’m glad to see they both can be happy with the new guy.

  3. Back in the days of unions getting established, the Democrats were very strong pro-gun people. They saw them as an equalizer against the robber barons and such. The Republicans were in favor of gun control laws because the rich leaders of the party didn’t want to get shot.

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