Real Preemption Getting a Hearing in Pennsylvania

NRA is alerting members on two bills proceeding in Pennsylvania. One is a bill to give some teeth to our preemption provision, HB1523, sponsored by Daryl Metcalfe. This bill does not go nearly as far as the Florida law, but at least puts the municipality on the hook for legal fees and damages.

The other bill, HB 1668, offers some reforms to transportation of firearms (which are basically handguns, SBRs, and SBSs under PA law). Our transport laws are technically as strict as New Jersey, in that you have to go directly to/from allowed locations for transporting. The only difference is that Pennsylvania licenses are much easier to get, which exempts you from all the silliness. This would allow anyone who isn’t prohibited from firearms possession, or transporting for an unlawful purpose, is permitted to transport a firearm. End of story.

I should note that CeaseFirePA is opposing even this common sense measure:

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee plans to consider legislation that threatens financial penalties for towns that have taken local action in favor of lost or stolen handgun reporting – a reform which police say could help to crack down on illegal gun traffickers and straw purchasers.

If this were true, there would be prosecutions to point to. They would be able to point to instances where this law has been used to punish… well… anybody. For such a necessary law, it doesn’t seem to be very useful. I’m surprised they can still say this with a straight face. NRA is asking folks to contact their state reps:

Please call AND e-mail your state Representative TODAY and urge him or her to support both critical pieces of legislation.

To find contact information or help identifying your state Representative, please click here.

7 thoughts on “Real Preemption Getting a Hearing in Pennsylvania”

  1. Awesome. I’m hoping the success we’ve had with HB45 here in the Sunshine state spreads like wildfire.

    Best of luck with this. Every little bit helps and when those in ‘charge’ realize they’re bound to the same laws they push, you’ll find a lot more freedom suddenly springing up.

      1. My volunteer umpire association runs a tighter database.
        How hard to send an e mail to all members based on State? Duh…

        Happy we have good blogs to fall back on!!

  2. I’d like to see a change that allows any PA resident to apply for an LTCF in any PA county. Or modernize the entire process and have everything done online. There is no legitimate reason that I should have to take off work just so I can drop off a handwritten application. And it would be really nice to undermine Philly’s claims to broad discretionary powers while we’re at it.

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