The Madness Deepens

CSGV took something I said out of context, and then we get a great example of how they don’t want to take our guns. In truth, I don’t worry that they will. They quite frankly don’t have the political power. I haven’t really been able to figure out if the folks at CSGV are genuinely mad and offended, or they are just poking their foaming at the mouth followers with a stick in hopes of making something happen.

Unfortunately this is what leads our country down the path to nasty discourse, and where we can no longer have reasonable people agreeing to disagree. How can you agree to disagree with someone who wants your friends and fellow citizens in jail and ruined, as we can see in the example here and here? These aren’t people who are just concerned citizens. They are hate filled people out to destroy lives. How are these people different from a bigot who would enjoy the idea if a black man got an ass beating because he was visiting Mississippi in 1954, and didn’t know certain fountains weren’t for his kind? I posit they are no different in terms of their corrupt character, only in the form of bigotry they have chosen.

7 thoughts on “The Madness Deepens”

      1. When we laughed at him calling us ‘insurrectionists’, ‘traitors’ and ‘cowards’, he had to up the ante. The more he does, the angrier he gets.

        Of course the entire gun control movement is based around fear and hate so it comes as no surprise.

  1. Talk about being bitter about their ever-worsening situation and clinging onto anything, I mean anything they can find and blowing it out of proportion/context…!

    Is CSGV and their followers now the new “bitter-clingers”?

  2. We’re pretty aware of how hypocritical these folks are. I mean they complained that the NRA had an “under-cover agent” but had no problem creating an entire fraudulent organization (AHSA).

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