Someone Forgot to Pay the Bill?

Apparently CSGV was too busy wetting their pants about we insurrectionist extremists, they forgot to pay their hosting bill with GoDaddy:

Definitely amateur hour over there. I’m surprised that CSGV is using GoDaddy. Isn’t the guy that owns that a right-wing extremist? He might even be an insurrectionist, and if you talk to PETA, he’s definitely an elephant murderer. I guess CSGV doesn’t care about elephant gun violence!

13 thoughts on “Someone Forgot to Pay the Bill?”

  1. It takes a while to be able to buy a domain, and they seemed to have already renewed that. I suspect the rest is just trying to put everything back right.

  2. I see a cheap opportunity to ruin their whole day.

    For a couple of dollars that could be reduced to a dead link.
    As it should be.


  3. Judging from the expiration date on their domain currently, Ladd is getting to spend his Sunday fixing their domain issues.

  4. True, But the look alike are available mumble.(us, net, and all). Usually the smart ones buy up all the possible flavors to keep the name in the clear and to make spoofing harder.


  5. Same principle as gunnies using PayPal & eBay, which are so anti-victim that they codify that position in their terms of service, and screw you hard if you don’t comply. I so wish the libertarian founders of PayPal would take it back, buy out eBay, and open them up to self-defensive arms again.

  6. They would have noticed their web site going missing. If they weren’t an organization with full time staff, I would have suggested the best move would have been to see if they don’t notice and try to snag the domain.

  7. They can’t even remember to set a calendar alert to renew their domain name.

    And these are the people who want to decide who can and can not defend themselves in this country.

    “Best and the brightest”, indeed.

  8. I actually called GoDaddy and tried to buy the domain as soon as I heard about it from DooT. Unfortunately someone renewed it.

    Is money so tight at CSGV that they can only afford to renew it for one year? Next expiration date is 7-9-12 per the GoDaddy rep.

  9. Wow, it truly is amatuer hour there. First the suspending of their twitter account and now this. Has anyone seen a worse run organization of their size? It’s truly a miracle that Ladd still has a job.

  10. Actually, it’s worse than all that… GoDaddy spams you every few months to try to get you to renew your domains early. And they also send you several reminders as the domains are coming due.

    Somebody was asleep at the wheel over there for sure.

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