Homicide No Longer a Top Cause of Death

This is certainly progress:

For the first time in almost half a century, homicide has fallen off the list of the nation’s top 15 causes of death, bumped by a lung illness that often develops in elderly people who have choked on their food.

And all this has happened while we’ve been liberalizing our gun laws, and selling more and more guns. Kind of puts a damper on the narrative of the gun control busybodies doesn’t it?

5 Responses to “Homicide No Longer a Top Cause of Death”

  1. Sage Thrasher says:

    That IS welcome news!

  2. ExurbanKevin says:

    I credit Yankee Candle Company for making candles cheap and easy to obtain.

  3. ecurb says:

    The question is: are we getting too fat to kill each other, or just too fat to live?

  4. TS says:

    Who cares about homicide? What about “gun deaths”? /s

  5. Patrick says:

    Clearly time to ban all food consumption for over 75’s.

    Any argument based on the fact that the vast majority of over 75’s who own and use food, [whether in thier own home, or who carry it concealed about them when in the street (have you never noticed all those suspicious paper bags they carry home from the market), or of open carry or consumption (resturants are notorious for allowing gratuitous public food use by the over 75’s, often in full street view)], do so in a safe and responsible manner, should allow this carnage to continue.

    Nor should any evidence that shows statistically that incidents of food used successfully in self defence (from starvation) greatly outnumbers the small number of deaths from aspirational pneumonia be allowed to dissuade lawmakers from immediatly oulawing this outrageous risk to life.

    If for no other reason for the sake of the (second) children (i.e. those undergoing thier second childhood). :)

    Patrick (in the UK)