Campus Carry in Virginia

Like moths to a flame, expect our opponents to go batty trying to battle this, while we quietly slip other victories in under the radar. Recall that elimination of gun rationing and switching Virginia to rely on NICS instead of its state POC are both possibilities. Our opponents are spread thin. They can’t possibly stop our entire agenda.

3 thoughts on “Campus Carry in Virginia”

  1. Two more students robbed at VCU just down the street from the state capital of Virginia. VCU Police are warning students to be on alert after two students were robbed Jan 9th. A lot of Students are tired of being defenseless victims and carry knives and pepper spray. It’s just a matter of time before wrinkled old men will no longer be able to violate the rights of those who pay their outrageous salaries.

  2. I’ll be at lobby day with the VCDL on Jan. 16. I’m going to ask my daughter’s social studies teacher for extra credit if she writes something about it when I bring her.

  3. I keep on hearing about how dangerous college would be if students with a license are allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus, if that is true, then how come there haven’t been any shootouts in Utah where public universities allow students with licenses to carry weapons to class?

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