The Importance of Women

When the Ballon Goes Up speaks of the importance of women in the gun culture. While I have no real evidence to back my hunch up, if I had to put my finger on the cultural phenomena that’s driving the normalization of gun ownership, it’s the fact that women are, more and more, beginning to understand its importance. This is not surprising given that in modern culture, women are delaying marriage and family, and living on their own in greater numbers.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Women”

  1. Don’t under estimate the value of first person shooter (FPS) games. FPS games have turned many couch commandos into responsible gun owners.

  2. My shooting club,, Annually sponsors a day of free firearms training for any woman wishing to learn. This year we had 68 women that had never fired a gun before attend and enjoy themselves. The club supplied our range, instructors, firearms, ammunition and targets, all at no cost to the women. It is a small start but a worthwhile one.

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