Remember, in a self-defense situation …

if you use a gun, you’ll just end up getting that gun taken away from you. Like this robber did. How come the only occurrences I ever hear of this happening involve criminals getting a gun snatched by the victims?

Also, another rich neighborhood getting whacked by violent, armed individuals. This is probably the consequence of the disintegration in Philly heading out into the suburbs. Expect more of this.

4 thoughts on “Remember, in a self-defense situation …”

  1. There have been two OC guys who have had guns snatched from them, you even wrote about one, one case proved fatal.

  2. The thing to remember thought David, the gun grabbers statement is proving to be the exception rather than the rule. I hear about it much more often happening to goblins.

    Besides the two instances of it happening to the good guys I’m aware of failed the situational awareness test.

  3. Reminds me of the time a few years back when someone tried to rob my son as he was in his car at a gas station. Thug stuck a shot gun into the driver’s side window. My Marine son grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and nearly got it from the thief. Fortunately, no disaster. (Marines often have more guts than good sense. But my son’s “fight back” response, even in such circumstances, probably saved his life, and definitely saved the $200 in his pocket.)

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