The Cuteness, It’s Too Much

Friends of NRA needs to stop with overly adorable children’s toys already. My mother already got into a minor bidding war during this year’s auction over the tricycle this year and left it here as a “hint.” For followers of their Facebook page, Friends of NRA just posted glimpses of their 2012 prize package.

I can see the Brady Campaign tweets condemning the NRA for reckless recruiting by branding & ruining children’s toys. Or perhaps CSGV will add it to the Insurrectionist Timeline since it’s a Jeep, a model of car used for military purposes. Therefore, it is obvious to all that this is a weapon of war.

Regardless, it’s freakin’ adorable.

For those of you interested in the slightly less adorable, but more age appropriate good stuff, they had that, too. The Gun of the Year is a Benelli Ultra Light 12 gauge shotgun, and there are a couple of other long guns in the picture that might attract your interest. In this photo, there’s artwork to show you patriotism and something that looks to be a fire pit. If you’d like to mix your love of shooting sports with a slightly more cerebral and indoors, there appears to be a shell casing-themed checkers game.

6 thoughts on “The Cuteness, It’s Too Much”

  1. The Tic, tic, tic you are hearing might be being amplified by your mother!! Make sure Sebastian gets his first 90 days in before getting to work! (work, work, work)The Jeep will probably be added, but I will push her for the 20th anniversary Ryder BB gun!

    I like what I see for next year already! I keep hoping that they add more products, but I like the 3 wood sign collection.

    1. The bb gun is fun, I’ll admit that. I think there are definitely some weird things in the catalog for next year. Like the “Second Amendment” flame? That’s a little odd to me. But who knows, it may be completely cool in person.

      I’m looking out for more NRA kitchen gear, but not the steak knives. I’m too in love with another brand to go for that set. I think we need an NRA waffle-maker or something random like that.

  2. Rat Patrol!! Needs a toy .50 caliber on a pedestal mount in the back, just so more Liberal heads explode. :-)
    As far as how Gun-laws are handled (see: making sausage), how about an NRA Cuisinart food processor?

  3. You know the anti’s have lost the fight when the makers are putting out NRA toys.

    I was at the store a few days ago getting some toys for my grand kids and in a collection of glow sticks they had GUNS!!! Glow stick toy guns. Did I just hear a head exploding?

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