The Empire State Strikes Back

No doubt looking to give gun owners a giant black eye, the New York AG is busy going after gun show promoters, blaming them for the actions of criminals. Jacob has video of the press conference dog and pony show. He notes:

This whole thing smells of a setup.

First off, when was the last time a State Attorney General put on a full court press for a bunch of misdemeanor appearance tickets? Second is the timing. H.R. 822 will be going to the Senate soon for a vote. This has to be an attempt to derail that bill.

Sounds about right. Also, look at these dangerous guns they’ve gotten off the street:

  • 3 AR-15 (Assault Rifles)
  • 1 semi-automatic rifle called a “Mauser” (from Czech Republic)
  • 1 Savage 7mm Rifle
  • 1 Remington Model 710
  • 1 Colt 7.72 x39
  • 1 Enfield Military rifle
  • 1 Browning .22 cal, model 235
  • 1 Ithaca .22 gauge
  • 1 Remington 25.06

Semi-auto Mauser? Really? Either way, I’m glad that gang members won’t have access to an “Ithaca .22 gauge” or a collections of various deer rifles in calibers no one has ever heard of (because they don’t exist). Looks like some hardened criminals Schneiderman is going after here. This isn’t justice, it’s revenge. When you go after otherwise good people for technicalities like this, all to make a political point, you aren’t a public servant, you’r a thug.

The ploy it not going to work anyway. We are going to lay waste to New York’s gun laws bit by bit, and restore the Second Amendment. I savor that even more than New Jersey, because there will be a lot more or the right kind of people in New York unhappy with it, starting with this asshole of an AG, who apparently doesn’t have any real criminals in his state worth going after. He also apparently does not have anyone on staff who knows about guns.

7 thoughts on “The Empire State Strikes Back”

  1. Yes. But please say again after editing. You’re too good a voice to use bad grammar.

  2. Hey, it’s theoretically possible that some criminal had a Mauser Selbstlader… but those still aren’t Czech.

    (Or someone has no idea what a vz.52 or vz.58 is?

    But then I’d expect them to think a vz.58 was an “AK-47”, if they’re going to get it wrong…)

  3. Sheesh, I’ve taken fewer guns to a one day range trip than that.

  4. I checked some of the people in question against the ATF FFL list for New York State: These weren’t nefarious gun dealers violating the law, they were private citizens selling their private guns to other private citizens.

    Note they called them “gun sellers” and “vendors”. They avoided using the term “dealer”, because they weren’t licensed gun dealers, they were just people selling their private guns, no different than if they put a classified ad in the paper, or at a yard sale. Only difference is that New York State law says that *ALL* sales at a gun show have to go through NICS.

    Note the types of guns, too: The majority, at least 6, would be typical hunting guns, and a WWII bolt action relic. Hardly ‘dangerous’ assault weapons.

  5. If these guys were actually in violation of the law, then the state should absolutely come down on them, and hard. Agree with the law or not, but it’s the law. If someone tells you he can’t legally buy a gun and you sell it to them anyway, then you’re a part of the problem. You’re a part of the criminal problem and you’re also a part of the PR problem – as this story demonstrates.

    I’m tired of people selling guns to the wrong people at gun shows because it threatens my ability to legally buy guns there. These guys are not our friends, and we shouldn’t pity them.

  6. Haven’t these guys figured it out yet? Some guy comes up to them at a show, mumbles something about not being legal to buy — its a STING dumbdums…if you still do the sale you deserve to be prosecuted.

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