Bulletproof Parchment

It’s no big secret that Dennis Henigan doesn’t like HR822, but it’s amazing how much he thinks pieces of paper stop nut jobs:

Arizona’s gun laws are so nonexistent that Jared Loughner, with his history of mental problems and threatening behavior, was a legal concealed carrier until the moment he pulled the trigger outside that Tucson Safeway. He didn’t even need a permit to carry, though he could easily have obtained one from Arizona authorities. If he had, under H.R. 822 he could have carried his Glock and its 33-round assault clip into Times Square.

Haven’t we had Times Square shootings? I hate to tell you Dennis, but he could have carried his gun to Times Square no matter what the law said, and if his particular form of paranoid schizophrenia had revolved around Times Square, instead of Gabby Giffords, I don’t think words on a piece of parchment, saying he is forbidden from carrying a gun to the scene of his mass murder, were going to stop him. You see, we’re talking about concealed weapons here, Dennis, that means other people can’t see them. Despite what you might believe, police don’t have magic gun seeing powers. Anyone who carries would know that.

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  1. There goes Hennigan bald-faced lying again. That massacre was right across the street from a high school and that means the fed GFSZ was violated, without a permit.

  2. Does HR 822 allow me to take my “high capacity” magazine to New York? Hmm… hadn’t thought about that.

    1. Interesting enough question I decided to answer it in a post scheduled for tomorrow at noon. But short answer is that I think you’d have to obey magazine limitations.

  3. Despite what you might believe, police don’t have magic gun seeing powers.

    Well, actually, they do now that TSA’s nudie-scan or something similar comes in a truck mounted version. Which is why the Left hates this bill. They can’t just scan and shoot if there’s a possibility it’s legal.

    1. OBama had to sign off on guns in national parks b/c it was attached to his credit card bill. I suspect the sudden Republican desire to agree to a payroll tax cut and prevent the automatic defense cuts means there is room to attach somewhere . . . . . .

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