Gaming the System

I suppose I should have realized that the real reason Dennis Henigan was crying into his Hennigan’s over the fact that a few mean pro-gun folks had decided to game his book ratings on Amazon down was because it interfered with the Brady Bunch plans to game his book ratings up.

One Response to “Gaming the System”

  1. Dave R. says:

    Yeah. The problem with fighting fair is the other side decidedly is not. In general conservative/liberal terms, not necessarily the gun issue or this one book, my impression is that lefty ratings trolls already have a hefty lead over righties on Amazon. (Tho Amazon is a little better than twitter and wikipedia, where an opinion unpopular with the left can just be buried.)

    So there’s a quandary: keep your own standards and concede those battlefields, or try to fight to an impasse on their terms. I can follow the argument against lowering your own standards, but that means, at the very least, that you need to have a realistic chance on a different battlefield of your choosing.