Congresswoman Maloney: F&F GOP Manufactured Scandal

Congresswoman Maloney, a top supporter of gun control, calls the Fast and Furious “scandal” a “Republican red herring.”

Yes, this operation was ill-conceived. Americans who are outraged at Terry’s death rightly want to know whether it has been scrapped and whether Attorney General Eric Holder, who oversees ATF, is aggressively investigating Fast and Furious. I can report that the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes.

But for Republican congressional leaders, one botched operation is not enough to serve their political goals. They need a scandal — and are desperate to create one.

When you have a dead Border Agent, killed with a gun that was deliberately allowed into criminals hands by the DOJ/ATF, I don’t think there’s anything manufactured about that controversy. I can’t tell you how much I find the “Bush did it too” excuse to be pathetic. It’s pretty clear at this point high level DOJ and Administration officials knew about the plan, knew what it was doing, and did nothing to stop it. This has done quite a lot to convince me that for people like Maloney the concern about gun violence is really baloney. All they really give a crap about is restricting guns as much as they can.