What Drugs Are They Taking at the Brady Campaign?

I’m not even really sure what to make of this, but the outright bizarreness emanating from the Brady Center these days continues:

Brady What?

Umm, in 1963, Jack Kennedy was President, and given the choice, I’m pretty sure he’d rather have had the White House randomly sprayed by gunfire from a whack job with an SKS while he wasn’t home, than having his brains blown out in Dallas by a Castro-sympathizing sniper from a sixth floor window using a scoped Italian bolt action rifle.

And you have even more ridiculous nonsense from our opponents about the gun shooting two footballs fields! You’d think no one ever killed anyone before Simonov and Kalashnikov came along. Just be happy Hollywood movies have taught most random nuts to spray and pray. There was a time when they aimed. I worry more about the nut that aims, regardless of what type of firearm he has.

15 Responses to “What Drugs Are They Taking at the Brady Campaign?”

  1. Bitter says:

    I actually think the news is in the last half of their tweet, not their bizarre and rather non-sensical commentary on JFK’s views on gun shots.

    They consider that because there hasn’t been an uprising in calls for gun control in light of the incident in DC, we accept people shooting at the White House as normal. I don’t know anyone who thinks that, and I can’t fathom where they get that idea. No one has said it is normal, and no one I have seen has said we should accept that as the new normal. What we know is that law enforcement research worked, the guy was caught before he could actually harm anyone, and he will face charges. I don’t understand why having the system work is considered a bad thing by the Brady Campaign.

  2. Sigivald says:

    200 yards?

    My god, the immense firepower!

    Only the most deadly and powerful military, er… every cartridge firearm on Earth* can shoot that far.

    (* Okay, except a .22 BB cap. Which doesn’t count.)

  3. The Brady Campaign does not seem to realize that Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire on members of Congress in 1954. Four members of Congress were wounded. Puerto Rican nationalists attempted to assassinate President Truman in 1950, killing a White House police officer. If JFK wasn’t worried about being shot, he was a fool.

    • Gunship Cowboy says:

      Your forgot the disgruntled office seeker who tried to kill Andrew Jackson on the steps of the Capitol. Both pistols misfired and Jackson promptly beat him senseless with his cane. Wrong President to try to shoot and fail. Also, the two Puerto Ricans still in prison from those attacks were pardoned by the Clintons as they left office if my memory has not failed me.

  4. Ed says:

    Hey, guess what organization JFK was a member of? The Brady Campaign? Handgun Control Inc.? CSGV? Nope. The National Rifle Association of America. Funny how the Brady Bunch forgot to mention that in its tweet.

    • Bitter says:

      Sshhhh…don’t remind the Brady interns about these pesky facts. They all skipped their history classes & don’t want their professors to find out.

  5. Thirdpower says:

    The intern is probably to young to remember 1994 when, during the Clinton AWB, a guy walked up and shot 29 rounds at the WH.

  6. MicroBalrog says:

    Do they think Kennedy was the first President to be shot at?

  7. Stranger says:

    EU Times has more here:

    Which agrees with some of today’s news from Mexico.


  8. Jack Cooper once said something to the affect of “If someone is shooting at me I want it to be with an automatic weapon.”

    I tend to agree.

  9. Joe Huffman says:

    @BallonGoesUp, It’s Jeff Cooper. The exact quote is here.

  10. Pyrotek85 says:

    “What Drugs Are They Taking at the Brady Campaign?”

    And here I was thinking they were off their meds…

    • Gunship Cowboy says:

      If they were taking their meds as prescribed, their paranoia would be under control. Obviously it is NOT.

  11. ddbaxte says:

    According to their FB post around the same time, they elaborated that the recent shots fired at the white house ‘barely made the news.’

  12. Sage Thrasher says:

    That post about Kennedy doesn’t even make sense, but thanks for reminding me about the great drill sergeant pep talk in Full Metal Jacket. I just figured out what to watch tonight.