12 thoughts on “CBS on Gunwalker Scandal”

  1. Thank me and David Codrea. You’re welcome. No, really, we would have done it anyway, even without you calling us “clowns.” Where’s the NRA been for the past two months? GOA has led behind the scenes the whole way while the 800 pound gorilla played with its johnson behind the wheel of the Weeniemobile and cautiously considered which way the wind was going to blow someday. Insufferable? You bet your ass we’re going to be insufferable from now on. We’ve earned it.

    Sorry, that’s as much civility as I can muster. The question is, are you adult enough to admit you were wrong? I’ll settle for that. No apology required.

  2. First, thanks to Mike and David for their tireless work to expose the serious malfeasance at the ATF. Thanks also to Mr. John Dodson for his bravery in this situation.

  3. Came in to comment on the courage it takes on this agents part to stand up and be heard, bravo to him. The folks who broke the story deserve credit for getting this important story… I hope the typing of “apology” and who takes credit doesn’t get in the way of exposing and stopping action like this in Federal agencies.

  4. I wonder why none of the anti-gun blogs have commented on this. Do you think that they approve of the BATFE’s tactics, or are they just head-in-the-sand cowards?

  5. By the way, big thanks to Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea who have been pursuing the matter relentlessly. There are several times during the course of this that I think the ATF was just hoping it would go away. These two would not let it die. I too wish that the NRA would use their muscle to pursue this some more. It’s still not too late. Hopefully at the end of this we will have senior level ATF and DOJ personnel explaining their actions in front of a court.

  6. Gotta love the belted machine gun (OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) used in the image montage to ensure PSH.

  7. Cracks in the dam that leak generally mean the dam is about to break. And a senior (if minority) Senator is banging on that dam…

  8. At long last, after more than 2 months of belittling this, you’re finally beginning to cover the story.

    Thanks go to Mike Vanderbeogh, David Codrea, GOA, the whistleblowers and Senator Grassley.

    Thanks also go to the other bloggers and commenters who have helped spread the word and to bring pressure to bear

    Where was the American NRA in all of this?

  9. I’ll put it another way:

    “Grandpa Sebastian,

    What did you do during the war?”

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