Baloney Maloney

Representative Caroline Maloney is pretty clearly interested in carrying the water for this administration, no matter how vile the behavior:

Rep. Maloney said, “No, I do not. Operation Fast and Furious is under investigation and we’ve had one hearing on it. We intend to have more and more investigations, more interviews and we will go where it takes us.”

“Right now, we heard about these loopholes in the law – law enforcement asked for greater tools so that they could get convictions and try to stop the flow of illegal guns and that’s where we are now,” she said.  “So we will continue our investigation.”

I almost feel like these players had this all scripted, and faced with mistakes and blunders early on in the filming, and trying to proceed with the agreed upon script as best as they can. They just don’t know what else to do, so what do they do? Keep rolling. Keep talking about loopholes. The only loophole here is that people are going to be allowed to get away with this without going to jail.

4 thoughts on “Baloney Maloney”

  1. Maloney is just a useful idiot. She is propped up with campaign cash from outside the district donors. She in DC only to do what the party tells her today. She’s one of those bought votes. She does little of significance beyond reciting party talking points.

  2. “…law enforcement asked for greater tools so that they could get convictions and try to stop the flow of illegal guns…”

    It was “law enforcement’ that was aiding, abetting and even funding the flow, but she refuses to acknowledge that.

    Funny how Maloney is saying that she doesn’t know anything whatsoever about what has come to light about Gunwalker so far, yet she knows with absolute certainty that ATF wants more gun laws. What a dishonest, one-track mind!

    Gunwalker was set up to push gun control, but despite its collapse after it was found out, all these people can do is to continue to push gun control anyway. It’s an obsession with them, and they can’t give it up, regardless of what the facts are. When the facts are inconvenient, they just find a way to invalidate them in their minds, and go right on pushing gun control.

  3. The gun control obsession will never die for some people, while the result is so clearly racist and discriminatory on economic position however the laws they like are written.

    In Los Angeles County, carry permits sorted by zip code cluster in the war-torn areas of Beverly Hills and similar communities. Places like Compton are peaceful and/or there is no one trustworthy enough to get a license. Right, and I am going to broil a unicorn steak tonight with a cold fusion ray gun…

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