Combining Your Inner Techno Geek With Gun Geek

Over at the Firearms Blog, they show a motherboard by Gigabyte that will help your inner techno-geek channel your inner gun geek. I don’t think it’s deniable that the design elements of this motherboard are related to the AR-15 aesthetics.

Even Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers are capitalizing on the black rifle phenomena? We are truly winning. I challenge our opponents to say otherwise. The AR-15 is mainstream now. Even if this is marketed to the Counterstrike Kiddies (is that even current terminology among the kids these days?) we’re still winning.

2 thoughts on “Combining Your Inner Techno Geek With Gun Geek”

  1. A correct term is a “dudebro”. Like dude, bro, let’s play some call of duty.

    (even though Battlefield is a MUCH better game!)

  2. That’s a pretty sharp looking motherboard. Too soon for me to build a new machine though =/

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