What is a Suppressor?

SayUncle notes that previously the ATF has declared a shoestring to be a machine gun, now it seems that if you have a Chore Boy copper cleaning pad, and some insulation, it could be an unlawful suppressor. This is “constructive possession” taken to a level of utter absurdity. It all really comes down to whatever a US Attorney thinks he can get a jury to buy. If you end up on his bad side, that could be a lot more than you might be comfortable with.

5 thoughts on “What is a Suppressor?”

  1. If we moved suppressors to Title I with federal preemption, we could make this go away.

    Shouldn’t we start now (of course I’ve been saying that for the last 20 years)?

  2. It would be constructive possession if you had a suppressor that accepted a filler and you had bought that to add to that suppressor. They would only know this for sure if you testified saying that.

    MAYBE it could be constructive intent (notice the wording) if you had some in your safe along with your suppressors and it was cut into suppressor shape.

    NOT constructive intent if you own some and no suppressors.

    It’s a stupid ruling, but it’s far from their stupidest.

    1. I guess the question I have is how hard would it be to demonstrate a piece of PVC tubing was meant to be a suppressor? Even if it wasn’t. Your average jury might not know much about, say, potato cannons.

      1. You are confusing a regulatory agency with a law enforcement agency that works in the full legal system.

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