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The totality of our opponents loss in Heller and McDonald probably didn’t really hit me until I saw this post over at Volokh on a new law school textbook on the Second Amendment. Understand that the Second Amendment is now a hot area in mainstream constitutional law. The textbook is co-authored by Nicholas Johnson (Fordham), Michael O’Shea (Oklahoma City), George Mocsary (Connecticut), and Dave Kopel (Denver). This is an academic work that’s the culmination of many years of research into this topic. At first, it was not widely accepted, and now it’s mainstream constitutional law. All new law students will be learning this version of history, the true version, our version, rather than the revisionist claptrap whipped up by our opponents.

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  1. I remember not a single reference to the Second Amendment when I was in (Chicago-Kent, ’92-’95). In fact we talked about guns so few times that it was memorable: once in Torts II regarding product liability (the professor actually used the term “Saturday Night Special”, I sent him an e-mail regarding that terms origin), once in Con Law (Nahmod’s commerce clause argument), and in Kling’s Forensic Evidence (I was told that there are no soft points in centerfire rifles and that pistol cartridges could not be handloaded).

    At C-K it was not hostility but culturally enforced indifference, like shunning among the Amish. When one professor discovered that I was writing a law review article on the Second Amendment (which would later win the NRA’s Law Review Note of the Year, 1995, thank you, NRA members for paying for that year), he refused to talk to me for the rest of the academic year.

  2. In 1994, my Constituitonal Law professor said on the 1st day of class, “The 2nd amendment is about militias and we won’t be covering it. Anyone that wants to discuss it further see me after class.”

    I think that is typical of how most law schools covered the 2nd. Not anymore!

  3. I’m in the Temple Law School evening program right now and am 4 weeks into my Con Law class. The first thing I did was scan my syllabus to see what time was going to be devoted to the 2nd. Yeah, that would be a big fat zero. We do have entire classes devoted to such interesting topics as homosexuality and the Constitution, contraception and the Constitution, etc though.

  4. I took a Constitutional Law class in 1989. The instructor said something similar about the Second Amendment to what Charlesincharge mentioned above – a “hands off” policy would be in effect throughout the entire course. In hindsight, I now think that I should have dropped this course altogether, but I stayed with it instead. At least I did not have to endure entire class discussions about homosexuality and its relevance to the Constitution though, as overthetop had to at Temple Law School. Thank God for that.

    It seems that libtards still dominate the whole US Constitution teaching field, and like all other libtards, they continue to insist that the US Constitution covers issues and infers parlance which it actually does not, while ignoring the parts which they do not agree with, namely the Second Amendment.

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