HR822 Proposed Amendments

Looks like John Richardson did the work on this so I don’t have to, with a list of Amendments made in order. We don’t really want any of these amendments. Not all of the critters proposing amendments are anti-gun Democrats. Rep. Woodall (R-GA) has an amendment up, and I believe today in the hearing testified he wasn’t completely sold on this bill yet. He might need some extra pressure. If you’re in Georgia, especially in his district, it would be a good idea to provide that. His amendment I think is completely unnecessary, and is a solution in search of a problem.

3 thoughts on “HR822 Proposed Amendments”

  1. Those proposed amendments contain some of the things that gun rights advocates critical of the whole concept of HR 822 (federal enforced reciprocity) were predicting would come in the future. Even if HR 822 passes without those amendments, you can be sure the factions proposing them will not forget them for the future. Get ready!

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