MAIG Digging in my Old Backyard

Various MAIG mayors are pushing Lost and Stolen in the Delaware County Daily Times. These mayors should be forced to own up to MAIG’s radical positions on issues like concealed carry:

Ambler Mayor Bud Wahl, Hatboro Mayor Norm Hawkes, Jenkintown Mayor Ed Foley, Pottstown Mayor Bonnie Heath, Souderton Mayor John Reynolds and Telford Mayor Jay Stover are members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

If you live in these towns, work to get these mayors out. Exploiting a tragedy to push an unrelated agenda items is above the pale. If “Lost and Stolen” were really effective against criminals, how come there have been zero prosecutions from the towns that claimed this was a necessary ordinance to pass? It’s a useless law, who’s only result is going to be the punishing of people who were legitimately victims of crime. It is not “common sense” legislation. It is useless legislation, as been demonstrated by the lack of effectiveness it’s shown at the local level.

5 thoughts on “MAIG Digging in my Old Backyard”

  1. I know the mini-mayors who sign on to Bloomberg’s MAIG political machine get some benefits in PAC money & other perks, but I’ve never seen a breakdown of what the standard benefits package to a mayor for joining is. Any idea?

  2. *Some* MAIG members have received personal campaign contributions from Da Mayor himself. That is the only perk as far as I can tell.

    1. Yeah, political backscratching is hard to quantify–PAC money, campaign advice, access to the Bloomberg machine to make calls, hobnobbing, conventions, etc. I was just wondering if there was a study. Bloomberg is a carpet bagger in every sense of the term, but it’s the small-time mid-city mayors who enable him to influence the political agenda so far afield from his own turf.

      1. The campaign contributions, relative to where these Mayors sit in the political food chain, has been significant.

  3. All the more reson that in the next session we need to get the preemption laws strengthened. The trouble is getting it out of judiciary, a lot of the eastern legislators are either not up to the task of standing for current law, or are not up to standing up to the Bloomberg crew, or want to pass their own little laws in connected areas.

    We need to get rid of that First Class city BS as well, but one battle at a time.

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