Setting Political Sights on Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors, Part II

I mentioned that some of Pennsylvania’s Bloomberg mayors were found in unexpected places. Check out this list of all 103 mayors listed on the site as of August 15. That’s 103 mayors too many, but there are some surprises.

View Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors in Pennsylvania in a larger map

Do you think the 684 residents of Ulysses know that Mayor Jane Haskins was campaigning against concealed carry and has supported lawsuits that put gun shops out of business? That’s the outlier town in the middle near the NY border.

Or how about the 290 residents of Laporte with Mayor Robert Carpenter and 153 residents of Eagles Mere with Mayor Betty Hays to the southeast of Ulysses?

Are the gun owners among the 626 residents of Marianna aware that Mayor Russell LaRew signed on to support such initiatives? That’s the town in the far southwest corner.

It might surprise people to see that most of the mayors who support Michael Bloomberg are not in the Philadelphia suburbs. In fact, 32% of the mayors are in far western Congressional districts. Of all of the Congressional districts with more than half a dozen mayors, half of them are in or border Allegheny County. It seems like Mayor Bloomberg has been on a serious recruiting spree out near Pittsburgh.

Mayor Mike’s coalition here in Pennsylvania represents less than 3 million residents of more than 12 million in the state. In fact, the average population of the town with Bloomberg mayors is 28,643. If you remove the cities with more than 100,000 residents (the top 4), that average drops to only 9,856. In fact, 18 mayors represent towns and boroughs with less than 1,000 people. More than 50 represent towns of less than 5,000. A full 70% of the mayors in Bloomberg’s army represent towns of less than 10,000 people. That’s hardly a big city mayor coalition.

9 thoughts on “Setting Political Sights on Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors, Part II”

  1. I was looking at the map on Bloomberg’s site. I find it funny that it has a function to zoom in on the east coast, and zoom in on the west coast, and the rest of the country you just fly over.

  2. Sweet, our mayor, tool that he is, hasn’t joined up with this crap.

    The fact that Eagles Mere is anti doesn’t surprise me, it’s a hangout for a bunch of elitists, a lot of people just have summer homes there, sorta like parts of Cape Cod.

  3. I’d say us Central PA folks should be proud that so few of our mayors have signed on to be part of Nanny Bloomberg’s stupid little group. Closest to me is Eagles Mere and Freeburg, which I’d lay money is probably a rich suburb outside of Selinsgrove for doctors working at Geisinger.

    I’m disappointed by Allentown, Bethlehem and Reading areas, I thought they’d be a little better than that…

  4. Eagles Mere should be easy if that’s the case. If it’s summer homes, then it means that the actual registered voter base is extremely small. From a quick Google search, it looks like there are two gun clubs in the immediate area, and two gun stores. That tells me there are definitely gun owners in the area.

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