5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day on Wisconsin Carry”

    1. I don’t think there’s any evidence that the training requirements make an overall difference in public safety. I’ve said before that it’s kind of like thinking giving someone a 4 hour piano lesson is going to teach them to play. It won’t. So give then 8 hours? Still won’t. It’s a skill you really have to learn through practice. Granted, it’s not as difficult to learn to shoot as it is to learn the piano, but it’s still a skill you need to practice.

      All the training is really good for is to go over what the law is, and to at least give people a starting point. I’m not really against that, but the problem of having it be a requirement is it’s not going to do someone like me any good to have to pay for a class I don’t need. It’s also going to make it difficult for the poor to exercise their rights.

  1. Mandated Training is a tax on self defense and is discriminatory against the poor and minorities. As 2A activists, we need to fight against MANDATED training. No one has proven it has any impact on public safety, other than the odd-ball antidotes.

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