7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Nor do I… but I always imagined myself cleaning one while giving him the “I’m not afraid to go back to jail” talk.
    But yeah, I’m a huge O/U fan. I find I can acquire and track my target a lot faster with one.

  2. Haha, no. But an 870 with black plastic furniture just seems more like the right way to freak a guy out. It’s scarier, and in that situation, the more fear caused, the better.

  3. Good point. I was kinda thinking short barreled 10ga SxS though… not scary in the “make Sarah Brady pee her pants” sense (that’s what a Saiga is for) so much as a “Jeez, that sure is a big honkin’ gun.” Probably would be an old, beat up gun with big exposed hammers. No need to pump it… just stroke it with a cleaning cloth while having that little “chat”. Wouldn’t hurt having a pump hanging on the wall beside .30-06 and crossbow.

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