5 thoughts on “How About That?”

  1. Still anti-gun. Extreme anti-gun who thinks no one should have a gun at all period. Maybe that will change. I doubt it.

    Don’t get all hyped up over nothing.

  2. That’s never written in stone. These things aren’t that black and white. I’ve seen plenty of people who’ve flipped.

  3. With his background that he says positive things about guns in public is a big deal. Yes there is the negative stuff but that tends to make it “forbidden fruit”.

    True, it’s not a wonderful as it could have been. But the more people that try shooting the more we win. The net result is very positive.

  4. John Lennon has been getting much coverage lately on CNN and other libtard media outlets to reflect on the 30th anniversary of his murder, but no mention was ever made of his son’s recent shooting experiences, of course.

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