10 thoughts on “New Google Reader”

  1. Yep. It blows goats. Along with everyone else, I’m trying to find an alternative. Unfortunately, Google reader was the best as it was portable across platforms – Mac at home, Winbloze at work, iPhones, iPads and tablets….

    If you find a good alternative, let us know. As a matter of fact, since you’re still job hunting… feel like building a reliable, useful, RSS aggregator?

  2. I’m tired of everything trying to cash in on ‘social media’ or what not. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a facebook? I just don’t want everyone in my business.

    1. No, you are not the only one. Although I tell all my friends that if they want to know how I’m doing, all they have to do is call…

  3. I guess I must be a minority but I do not mind it. It’s cleaner in some aspects of the UI. The only thing that bugs me is that I would love to be able to change the “display density” (line height) like in the new Gmail. Why Gmail and not Reader? I don’t get why Google never makes things consistent across all offerings.

    I also don’t mind the Google+ integration either, I was hoping they would get around to it at some point. It makes it nice and easy to share posts from some of my favorite blogs. :P *cough*

    1. Thanks :) I tried to get into Google+, but just couldn’t quite get there. Some of their ideas are pretty good, in how they implemented it… but I think it’s probably more I don’t want yet another site to check :)

      1. I like G+, and I’m just not checking it because I don’t get it in Tweetdeck… They need to publish some APIs and get third parties working on clients; it’s one of the successes of Facebook

  4. There’s way too much white space in the new design. On a tiny netbook it’s really noticable but even on this large screened laptop it bugs the crap out of me. I swear it seems only only 25% of the browser is actually displaying content, the rest is just menus.

    1. My chief complaint also is the wasted space. I guess no one at Google uses Google Reader on a netbook. Pressing the F key to go “fullscreen’ helps but it is less functional.

      I used be able to share to twitter with Reader2Twitter. I expect that will no longer function now that +1 has replaced sharing.

  5. Indeed, I dislike the “hide pane” button going missing. I have a left pane resident in my Opera browser and was happy that I could reclaim some visual space in Reader by hiding the pane. Plus it’s so damned…white!

  6. Hate it. I don’t use Google+ so now I am completely missing out on blog posts that my friends shared. Also don’t like that it is harder to tell what has been read and which is unread. Finally, it just doesn’t seem as stable as the previous one. Sometimes it appears to have problems bringing up the posts. I feel myself liking Google less and less everyday.

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