Canadian Emergency Physicians Shilling for Registry

As experts on statistics and criminal investigation, naturally this is a fit:

Snider said most patients coming to hospital with gunshot wounds are accompanied by police, who use the registry regularly to determine whether the patient had a registered gun in the home.

I’m fairly certain that most people who show up, and the gun shot wound is from a gun in their home, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who done it. And maybe I’m nuts here, but I’m betting the percentage of rifle and shotgun wounds treated by emergency room physicians in Canada is vanity small compared to handguns, which are already registered and highly regulated in the land of snow and beavers. According to their own statistics, 76 percent of the 774 of the firearms deaths in Canada were suicides. And this helps your case how? Are the police in Canada really that dumb that they can’t figure out the gun laying next to the dead guy with an empty round in the chamber might likely be a suicide?

If you ask me, this please comes down to “Eeew… guns are icky,” rather than science or good medicine.

One thought on “Canadian Emergency Physicians Shilling for Registry”

  1. They’re like the American Academy of Pediatrics in the US. Even though since 1999 there have been <200 accidental gun deaths in people under 18, they still clamor for all sorts of restrictions on guns.

    Compare that to swimming pools ~1500 deaths

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