Justice Stevens on Heller and McDonald

Quoting from an interview appearing in Time:

I would change the interpretation of the Second Amendment. The court got that quite wrong. Gun policy should be handled by legislatures and by states, not by federal judges appointed for life.

The Second Amendment is never really going to be safe until we stop hearing things like this from left-leaning judges. The only thing that’s going to save the Second Amendment is getting judges on the bench who are willing to uphold it.

2 Responses to “Justice Stevens on Heller and McDonald”

  1. Sage Thrasher says:

    Read the b.s. in Stevens’s Heller dissent sometime. It’s elucidating of his paternalistic outlook:

    His discussion of “the people” is so convoluted and twisting that accepting his arguments against the 2nd Amendment as an individual right could only be possible by also declaring the 1st & 4th amendments as only applying to a right of well-regulated groups, not individuals.

  2. SPQR says:

    So there is at least one thing that Stevens would remove from the purview of Federal judges, and return to the people or the states.

    Ironic that its the only thing explicitly in the Constitution.

    Shows just how dishonest of a SCOTUS judge he was.