Canadians Dueling Over Handgun Ban

It’s good to see that gun control is not such a settled issue in The Great White North, that things like this are still a bone of contention.  Canada is a great example of why anyone who thinks they will stop with licensing and registration is a fool.

“The risk that a legal handgun becomes an illegal handgun is not a hypothetical risk. It’s established,” Bryant said, pointing to the Toronto police figure that 30 per cent of crime guns are stolen from legal owners and 70 per cent are smuggled.

To Bryant and company, it means that getting rid of legally owned handguns in Canada would reduce a significant number of handguns from getting into the hands of criminals.

If it were up to Ontario and Quebec, Canada would already have a handgun ban.

4 thoughts on “Canadians Dueling Over Handgun Ban”

  1. I’d be willing to accept licensing, though not in the way anti-gunners would like. It would be no harder to obtain than a driver’s license. Private sales among license holders would be permitted in all states (since a license is proof of a background check). Firearms will be bought freely across all state lines, directly from manufacturers, or via mail order. They can be kept on any person’s private property without question.

    And all local gun control schemes would then be outlawed. (Save for CCW regulations.)

  2. Bryant has even taken to walking around with a pocketful of buttons emblazoned with his newly minted slogan: No Gun. No Funeral.

    The absurdity of that slogan is just unbearable. Do these people really think that crime suddenly appeared when the first firearm was invented?

  3. Michael “Ban Everything” Bryant is a boob. Like most liberal politicians, he refuses to do his job which, as Attorney General, is protecting law-abiding citizens from the depredations of violent criminals. And yet, he’d rather harass and persecute honest gun owners. If “No gun = No funeral” then “No crooks = No crime”. Remember, all criminals started out as law-abiding citizens…

    At least they’ve gotten off their “50% of crime guns are stolen” crapola, but it still isn’t anywhere near 30%, either:

    We need to ban Liberals, not guns!

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