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  1. This is exactly the problem. I moved to Pennsylvania around 2006. My friends said I was like a battered person. Having trouble understanding the freedoms in PA and coming from an abusive relationship in NJ. I questioned everything, and could not believe the FACTS of firearm ownership and freedom in many other states that exists. I LOVE PA!!!! Let work together to make the change and enlighten firearm owners in NJ. Freedom can be obtained and exercised!!!!!

  2. This is a useful video. It is much easier to give this to someone then stammer around for many moments attempting to explain to someone.

    BTW, I prefer to pump my own gas!!

    1. I don’t prefer to pump my own gas. I miss full service stations, which, granted, haven’t been around during my lifespan, but still…

      That being said, denying the option is something I do not agree with. To have a state that thinks I am not responsible enough to do so is despicable. (Maybe that tells us something about how the NJ legislature views its citizens?)

  3. Constructive Criticism: The video is too long. Cut it in half, and its far more effective. Actually, I’d go further. The first half of the video is fantastic, and very engaging. Mockery is a perfectly legitimate tool to criticize government, and works wonderfully here in an easily accessible form. HOWEVER, once the video switches to mockery of the various rules in place, and then goes through the list of actions needed to be taken it looses its effectiveness.

    The viewer already knows what corrections are needed, because we just sat transfixed by the first half of the video. Everything beyond that point, just becomes hard to follow.

    Even better, would be if this could be split up into little individualized 2 minute clips that are easy to digest. 10 minutes is way too long. No one will watch it. Even 5 minutes is too long. But if there were little chunks put together individually, this would be a fantastic tool and much more useful for reaching out beyond the gun community (who already understands whats going on in Jersey).

    But overall, this is a terrific video.

    1. agreed. I watched the whole thing – but I also already have an interest in the topic, and know the facts. I will admit that they got me with the trick question “which of these is the assault rifle?” I thought for sure something subtle had been added to the rifle with wood furniture.

      But for the intended audience [people who may have NO knowledge of firearms, let alone state law], shorter videos explaining a little at a time would likely be more effective with links to learn more.

      Criticisms aside, it’s really well done, accurate, and I don’t know if I’d be able to do better. Glad to see that like California, the fight for civil rights is not over in NJ, either!

  4. I escaped from New Jersey back in 1990. Of all the places I’ve lived, NJ was the one place where I had the greatest chance of being a victim of crime of some sort. I never seriously thought of getting a gun due to the burdensome rules.
    I now live in Oregon, and while we can’t pump our own gas either, buying a gun is no big deal as long as you can pass your NICS check.

    1. Heh!
      I escaped – after high school graduation – in 1990 as well. In that last year, I was

      1) arrested for having a BB gun without a firearms owner ID card (seriously, a BB Gun is a firearm in Jersey) but let go by the Chief of Police who’s wife was my mom’s tennis partner and

      2) was arrested at a high school graduation party for leading a crowd in the cheer of “Joe (the cop) Can’t Surf” and “Joe Is A Virgin” which was targeting a specific cop. They sent dozens of cops (including State Troopers) after us. Lesson learned, don’t disrespect a cop in Jersey.

      After having the case against me thrown out (my co-defendants were convicted) I literally walked out of the court room into a car and drove straight to Knoxville, Tennessee.

  5. I’ve done the “wooden stock = assault weapon vs. EBR != assault weapon” image on one of my old blogs, I’ll have to fish it up.

  6. What’s really scary is Massachusetts has an enumerated right to keep and bear arms in the state constitution, and yet we have all of our bullshit.

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