Construction Job Lost? Build Yourself a Gun Range!

You have to love a story about a family that saw the bottom fall out of the construction industry and then used their skills to build themselves a commercial gun range.

Brad Paul recalled that while waiting for a lane at an indoor range, his father — a shooting enthusiast who had been on a shooting team in the Navy — looked at the crowd and said, “We need to build one.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision though,” Brad continued. “We went to 14 states over the course of a year and visited 50 indoor gun ranges. We asked every one of them questions like what they would have done different.”

They started building in December 2009 and opened the following July.

Because of their construction background, they built the building and everything in the showroom themselves — cabinets, floor displays, counters and display cases.

The full article is worth a read. They talk about having to run a retail operation. The reporter talks to customers about why they come out to shoot. It’s really quite amusing.

Plus, I love that the headline has to send CSGV & Brady folks into absolute fits: Family finds success with gun range

2 thoughts on “Construction Job Lost? Build Yourself a Gun Range!”

  1. A local contractor did just that two years ago.

    Except he picked a lousy location and couldn’t market his way out of a paper bag.

    He sold it at a loss about a year later.

  2. Our club did a small (actually not so small -6 figures) part in keeping the construction industry going.

    We recently rebuilt our 50 yard range – a full construction company was employed for 5 weeks on the project.

    Not quite the same but doing our part nonetheless

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