Small Dent in New Jersey Licensing Law?

According to Cemetery:

I’ve heard rumors of a new NJ FID system coming to NJ, which would join the digital era, and somehow, once this license is obtained, there will be no need to visit the local Police for permits.  Everything would happen via NICS  and point of purchase.  Which makes me think that handgun purchases, and One Gun a Month laws, will be permitted, and enforces at point of sale.  But, like I said, all I’ve heard was rumors.

If that’s true, it would be great. But the fact that they are even talking about, as cemetery mentions, making a special class of license for competitive shooters and collectors is encouraging. Keep pushing this, and don’t push the special license, just push getting rid of the purchase permits altogether. It’s New Jersey, so get anything you can, but if they are talking about it, it might be possible to just get rid of the purchase permits altogether. That would be real progress back to reasonable gun laws.

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  1. I’d have to poke around, but I recall seeing a bill last session essentially eliminating the NJ State Police-run background check system in favor of straight-up NICS. Reason was … cost of maintenance and operation of the NJ system; the systme costs much more to operate than the law allows the state to charge.

  2. I aplied for a purchase permit on Nov. 2. Last Sunday, Dec.6, I was informed by my local police dept that the NJ State Police now require a form 212A (NICs Check) with every application along with an $18.00 fee. Until then this additional check was only required if the time between permis exceded one year. Looks like NJSP have found a new money machine. As far as I can tellthere is nothing in state law that requires this check or demand this fee.

  3. Both when I got my first FID and P2P, and then when I did the change of address, I had to pay for the SBI check. $65 in cert check or money order. That was separate from the $5 for FID and $2 per permit. I’d be a tad suprised if that covers cost on the SBI doing a background check even if they use a civilian civil service employee rather than a trooper.

    (I have a local town to do the paperwork, but the cert check went to the NJ State SBI)

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