The Subpoena

Dave Hardy has a link to the details of what was demanded of the Justice Department. I had not realized until listening to Cam & Company last night (or maybe the night before) that this is actually a rare thing, for Congress to issue to a subpoena to an Attorney General. Apparently this hasn’t happened since Watergate.

Holder is a slippery bastard, so I haven’t been skeptical he’s going to get punished for any of this, but in that vein, things seem to be decidedly looking up.

6 thoughts on “The Subpoena”

  1. No doubt he has already written, and had signed, the presidential pardons for himself, BIG Sis, and the rest of the criminals in the US Government…

  2. I agree that it’s unlikely that he’ll actually be punished, but things might get uncomfortable enough for him to have his sword held for him to fall on.

  3. The worst that will happen to him is he gets ‘resigned to spend more time with his family’ and then makes $40K a speech….

    cf Janet Reno, for example.

  4. “Apparently this hasn’t happened since Watergate.”

    Sadly, you wouldn’t know anything unusual had happened by reading the press, other than CBS. I’ve never seen a scandal of such proportions so uniformly ignored.

  5. Remember when the justice department gave them a 900 page report of nothing but blacked out text? I’d bet money the exact same thing will happen this time.

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