More Poor PR from the Brady Campaign

Thirdpower notices some other amateurish rhetoric from the Brady Campaign, greatly exaggerating our losses in Court. We really did not have a substantive loss until Heller II. They are correct to tout that as a serious loss. The only other Circuit Court decision to date was Ezell, which won big time. I would also point out to the Brady folks that the final word has not yet been written on even Heller II. It’s just likely we’re going to have to attack the bogus “assault weapons” issue through another federal circuit.

2 Responses to “More Poor PR from the Brady Campaign”

  1. terraformer says:

    Heller II wasn’t that big a loss either. It was actually a major 2A two step that relies on the fact that SCOTUS has never defined what “in common use” means, more importantly what constitutes “common”. Does 25% of the people owning something mean it is common? What happens if the government bans something new, does this mean it is OK because it never came into common use?

  2. Ian Argent says:

    Heller II was a loss, because unless SCOTUS grants cert the ball is dead. That having been said, SCOTUS may be ready to take a crack a “common use.”