HR822 Committee Hearing and Vote

Supposedly HR822 is scheduled to be voted on in the judiciary committee today. I think it’s likely a fore-drawn conclusion that it will be voted out of committee. Our opponents are nervous. “Blood in the streets!” and yada yada. They probably could have gone with reading a bit more Aesop than Alinsky.

UPDATE: I’m to understand that this is a markup session, to consider various amendments to the bill. Our friends at CSGV have been following this very closely. You’d think they were worried or something.

3 thoughts on “HR822 Committee Hearing and Vote”

  1. “likely a fore-drawn conclusion” does that mean inevitable or premature conclusion. having trouble with that phrase, out of the 5 people i asked, 3 said inevitable, 2 said premature, but after some back and worth on gchat, 1 person changed from premature to inevitable, but later a different person changed from inevitable to premature.

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