8 thoughts on “Holder May Be Out”

  1. If it is true, it is interesting that he will do it after the election rather than before; unless the assessment was that doing so would offend more of the Democratic base than it would appeal to the Republican base — who weren’t going to vote for him anyway, no matter what he did.

    1. Their tactic with F&F seemed to be to minimize it, and characterize it as a witch hunt. I suspect if he had gone before the election, it would have gotten the media talking about why, and offered legitimacy to the scandal. I’m guessing they wanted to avoid that, but now want to be rid of the liability so they can move on. Obama has to kiss and make up with the GOP if he wants to get anything accomplished in his second term. Now that he doesn’t have to please his base anymore, he has more flexibility. Flexibility can cut both ways.

  2. My guess…

    Holder and Fast and Furious were NOT getting election coverage. So he let it lie low. He is now planning an AWB 2.0, and knows Holder is a liability. So now he’s doing the change, when it won’t bring attention to an election season.

  3. Obama has to kiss and make up? With Executive Orders he can go anywhere he wants. He’s not done trashing the economy yet and there’s the arms in Benghazi he has to cover-up – maybe he’ll send Holder overseas to make sure that happens…

  4. Why ditch Holder now? Obama was just re-elected despite all of his horrible appointments. He can essentially do as he pleases. If anything, I would worry about Holder getting the boot. Obama is too much of a shill to actually do what’s best and if he dumps Holder, who is he trying to appease and why?

  5. But if we’ll have a new Attorney General second term, at least that will be some improvement in the Administration.

    Be realistic now. The mountain of evidence on this administration’s corruption, contempt for the rule of law, contempt for the US Constitution, and snide contempt for many Americans themselves has been building for four years already, not that our complicit national media has bothered to report on it much, if at all.

    First, there was the 9/11 terrorist attack in Benghazi. Nothing but lies after the fact from Obama and his lackeys on this one, and nothing was done by Obama and his lackeys to try and save the Americans in harm’s way while the attack raged on for over seven hours. They just watched it instead in real time and stood idly by. The complicit media totally carried Obama’s water on this by propping up his completely laughable narrative about a Youtube video making Muslims angry all throughout that same month and into the next.

    Then there was this week’s election. Romney won in every state with voter photo ID requisite laws in effect. Obama won in four states that require non-photo identification – Washington, Colorado, Ohio and Virginia. Obama also won several closely contested states that did not require any voter identification, at least not for this election. These states were Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nevada. Obama’s lackeys also fought tooth and nail in the courts prior to this election to thwart new photo ID requisite laws in several other states (Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas) by citing deliberately faked data from a think tank that is totally financed by one of Obama’s billionaire buddies, George Soros. The evidence is also beginning to emerge that there were more registered voters than residents within certain counties of states where non-photo ID is acceptable at polling stations. This was apparently the case within ten counties of Colorado. Not a peep about any of this so far in the national media. Can you smell the fraud yet? The national media went into overdrive to cover the allegations of ballot tallying inconsistencies in a few counties within Florida back in 2000, but that was only because Al Gore and other Democrats were the ones making the allegations. I have also heard that observers from the United Nations at polling stations in Texas found it surprising that photo ID cards were not required there.

    The above are just two examples of what I mean. I don’t even have to go into the “Fast and Furious” debacle here. This is a gun blog after all.

    Bottom line – Don’t hold your breath on there being an honest and ethical Attorney General if Eric Holder bails – nothing will improve this administration other than ending it via the impeachment process, or in the manner of our 18-century forefathers.

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