Bush Did it Too

That seems to be the latest deflection from the Administration. I’m not really all that concerned about whether there were guns being walked during the Bush Administration too. If that’s the case, a pox on the Bush Administration as well. But Bush isn’t in office, Obama is, and Holder decided to let it continue rather than stopping it. Sorry guys, but trying to deflect the blame isn’t going to cut it. You want to go after Gonzalez or Mukasey? Be my guest. But this isn’t a get out of jail free card.

5 Responses to “Bush Did it Too”

  1. Sage Thrasher says:

    Agreed. “Blame Bush” really doesn’t cut it anymore, if it ever did.

    However, CBS now reports gun walking by ATF operations in at least 10 states:

    I’m starting to wonder if the ATF itself isn’t responsible for the majority of the U.S.-purchased firearms used by cartels. It’s almost too insane to believe.

  2. Robert says:

    The natural reply is, How many Border Patrol officers and ICE agents were killed while Bush was President?

  3. Right Wing Wacko says:

    If I read it correctly during the Bush Administration, the ATF actually send someone down to watch the transaction, and I suspose track the guy that made the illegal sale!

  4. Stranger says:

    Under Gonzales, the BATmen put actual tracking devices in guns and tried to track them. If the batteries had lasted longer, it might have worked.

    Under Holder, the BATmen went for selling as many guns to Cartel buyers as they could. And could may very well be can.


  5. Ian Argent says:

    That seems to be the refrain for a lot of things this administration did.