Fast and Furious Explained

Dave Kopel does an excellent job of describing the scandal from the very beginning, starting off with Operation Wide Receiver under the Bush Administration, and continuing through to the current scandal, just based on the facts we know so far. This is vastly different from the spin you’re seeing in the media. The Philadelphia Stinkquirer is not exception here, carrying the water for the Administration by making this out to be a GOP witch hunt rather than legitimate oversight. You’re also seeing a lot in the papers about this originating under the Bush Administration, as if somehow that makes it better. Fine. Let’s get Bush Administration officials up before Congress. Get Gonzalez up there and hold him to account. I thought Bush’s DOJ was a cluster under Gonzalez too. What kind of morons do the media take us for that if they say “Bush did it too!!” we’re just going to slink back into our dumb, stupid redneck gun nuts bunkers and shrug it off.

Obama probably would never have claimed Executive Privilege if he didn’t have his lapdogs at the Washington Hoax, the Philadelphia Stinkquirer and the Paper of Making up the Record ready to try to make the scandal disappear for him.

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  1. There’s a fantastic video over at “No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money” of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on a rant about how politics has nothing to do with whether an Attorney General can ignore a subpoena from Congress, and that anyone involved in gun-walking under any administration should be brought forward.

    Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Yeah, they just can’t help but assume we’re only angry because Holder is a Democrat and/or black.

  2. It works. My mom is a chicago liberal. Her favorite ‘news’ program is the one with al sharpton on MSNBC. When I bring it up she says either it’s “Political BS” or “Bush started it”. When I try to explain it she gets mad and starts shouting so I cannot say anything. She has fully bought into the liberal spoonfeeding of disinformation. But then again she thinks republicans are evil freedom hating racist monsters not worthy of life and that many of the members of the house (pretty much all the republicans) should be kicked out and even publicly executed without trial and replaced by liberals so we can have a house with 100% democrat control and become the socialist paradise the left wants. Looking back it’s amazing I turned out consevative libertarian instead of the fanatical progressive my mom is. She has also called me an outright racist because I voted for McCain. She knows better but the MSNBC brainwashing ahs taken her to the point of no return.

  3. Markie Marxist sez: “F&F is pretty simple, really. We didn’t have enough gun violence to advance our gun ban agenda, it wasn’t going anywhere, so we put our big, fat, governmental thumb on the scale and upped the violence by pouring guns into already violent Mexico. The results were as predictable as pouring gasoline on a fire. Pretty slick, huh? Of course, we got to sit back and blame it all on the private sector and the need for more gun control. Heads, we Marxists win; tails, private gun owners lose. Funny how that works out for us! Ha! Ha!”

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