Gonzalez Sucks Round III

You know when you make John Ashcroft look good, it’s time to think about resigning.

Comey testified Tuesday that when he refused to certify the program, Gonzales and Card headed to Ashcroft’s sick bed in the intensive care unit at George Washington University Hospital.

When Gonzales appealed to Ashcroft, the ailing attorney general lifted his head off the pillow and in straightforward terms described his views of the program, Comey said. Then he pointed out that Comey, not Ashcroft, held the powers of the attorney general at that moment.

Gonzales and Card then left the hospital room, Comey said.

“I was angry,” Comey told the panel. “I thought I had just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man who did not have the powers of the attorney general.”

Now, as civil liberty violations go, I never thought this program was a big one. But I think there are legitimate questions as to its legality. This was a pretty low tactic on the part of Card and Gonzalez.

Bush has stood solidly by his longtime counselor’s side; calls for Gonzales’ resignation have waned in recent weeks.

Bush’s loyalty is admirable, but it’s hurt him politically. He’s held on to people far too long after they have become liabilities for him, and Gonzalez is just the latest example of this.