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Just a follow up on Bitter’s post on how far the Brady Campaign’s messaging has fallen even since relatively recently when Helmke left. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that Colin Goddard doesn’t seem to be getting the media exposure he once got. Much of that could be because with summer recesses in a lot of state capitals, there just aren’t as many campus carry bills to attract attention from the media, but it’s also occurred to me that perhaps their PR people are falling down on the job in putting him out there. A quick Google search confirms his media exposure is dropping, at least as far as being held out as a face of the Brady Campaign. The latest story on Colin shows this:

Goddard is working part time the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, lobbying Congress for better gun laws.

I can’t seem to find the press release form when Colin Goddard was hired, but he was Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs, a position that does not sound like it was part time. This makes me wonder if the Brady Campaign had to partially cut Colin loose, which might explain why they aren’t pushing him so hard in the media. The headliner for Living for 32 notes:

And he grew a fire in his heart to do something about keeping dangerous people from having easy access to deadly weapons. He now works full-time at the Brady Campaign, lobbying on the Hill and speaking around the country to college audiences and others about how all Americans can help prevent gun violence. “Living for 32” is his story.

If they chopped Colin, even back to part time, they were either supreme fools, or their financial situation is more precarious than I would have imagined. It’s quite possible for either to be the case. Legislative lobbying would be done under the auspices of the Brady Campaign, and as we’ve noted previously, the Bradys seem to be shifting more of their operations to the Brady Center, which has greater funds. Legislative activity would not be among those functions that would be easily shifted.

But we have more evidence that the Brady Campaign is in total disarray. This makes me wonder if whoever ends up heading up the Campaign won’t have to be a good fundraiser just to be able to cover his own salary. As for Colin Goddard, he got himself into the DC scene after graduation, and has made a favorable impression on a number of Congressional offices. I would imagine a position as a Congressional staffer is not out of reach for him. If he has indeed been partially let go, or let go, we hope he manages to find something along those lines.

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  1. Two points.
    #1. If Colin has been let go, why would you want him to fail upwards? He should carry his ass back to Richmond and get a decent job working for a living instead of taking blood money to infringe upon my rights. Let him spend a few years making an honest living.

    #2. If they are in dire straights financially at Brady, how can we A)exploit that, and B) push them harder so that they fail financially?

  2. A job as a Congressional staffer is more falling sideways, depending on the job. But I wouldn’t imagine it would be easy for him to fall up from the Brady Campaign to the staffer world.

    I don’t really wish the guy any ill will personally. If he can land a job outside of the gun issue, good for him. I’ll be happy for him.

    As to how we can exploit it, I would argue we already are. MAIG is the real threat now, and the only group that can put money behind opposing what we do.

  3. I agree with Sean’s #2.

    Conan said it best: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. “

  4. Is this thought off-base?

    If there’s a benefit to having MAIG as the remaining real threat it’s that Bloomberg, I think, has a “wrong” view of how most states actually work due to his situation.

    In NY and IL, NYC and Chicago respectively have mayors with real power who can, to a degree, dictate state law and policy. Maybe L.A. in CA is like that also?

    Conversely you have a Denver and Vegas which have hollowed out little gun control fiefdoms in CO and NV but are under constant attack just to hold the line. I can’t even think of their mayor’s names, unlike the two above.

    Madison couldn’t hold Wisconsin, Philly, gosh bless it, tries and tries in PA but is forced to retrain officers concerning open carry. As noted, most of the MAIG mayors who are “names” are known due to scandals and failures, not bold leadership.

    I guess my point is, as long as Bloomberg sticks with the Mayoral focus he isn’t putting his money where it will do the most good (state and national lobbying) and it traps him, and those he gives money to, in “crazy pill” territory like arguing -for- state’s and cities’ rights, but only on some topics.

  5. The concern about Bloomberg is when his 3rd term is up. Unless he changes the rules again and gets a 4th shot at NYC, he will have to do something with his billions and to re-focus attention on him rather than any other group. That is what scares me. Therefore, there needs to be scandal now to miniminze the little guy

  6. Hasn’t Joyce been pouring billions down the rathole of hoplophobia, though? Is Bloomberg THAT much more effective a strategist?

    Mayor of NYC is a job that attracts functional egotists – the type that DOESN’T do well on the national stage, where a little humility is expected.

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