Brady is Looking for a New CEO – Again

The Brady Campaign appeared to have found a new leader when they removed the job listing from their website early last week. It turns out that they reposted it later that week.

Maybe I should submit Sebastian’s resume on his behalf. I’ll even help him meet one of their key objectives for the position: Build the movement to insure that all guns in our nation are childproofed by 2015.

We can lobby for Obama to use the stimulus money he loves so much to buy every gun owner a gun safe – with plenty of room for more guns than they currently own just so we make sure every gun can be stored if the owner chooses to do so. It would create jobs (delivery guys who have the skills to move safes, safe manufacturers, safe salesmen, government workers to process all of the receipts) and help create a movement for safe storage options.

8 thoughts on “Brady is Looking for a New CEO – Again”

  1. It would be the lolz if you got an interview and then they recognized you as you arrived for the interview.

  2. Except for the work to elect pro-gun control politicians, I actually qualify for this job: Graduate degree (law), significant experience with a non-profit and its board (a national bar organization), Diverse candidate, family man, sense of humor, concern about kids and reducing gun violence (ie, drop the numbnuts causing all of the problems). Hmmmm. What a hoot that would be to fly under the radar, eh? Only problem is I suspect it would be a major pay cut, and well frankly, I am not willing to go there for a job I will get fired from within 6 months. Oh well.

  3. I keep getting the feeling that you and Sebastian are expecting? 2015 would be about the time a little tike would be walking, and someones Mom bought a tricycle at a local event!


  4. Haha, nope. :) The tricycle was a hint from my mom, though. She’s already a grandmother, but apparently she wants more. We also started getting hints from Sebastian’s dad earlier this year. Maybe someday, but not yet.

    The only real reason I highlighted the childproofing section was because it’s the only direct expectation they have listed in the job description, and I had a rather amusing pro-gun solution to the problem. (Random fact: In many of the most gun-unfriendly states, you can buy safes tax-free. It’s something that our side can typically pass in those areas because it benefits us while making the other side feel good about storage.) I was actually thinking about doing a post on why that one item in the job description is so unrealistic, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  5. Why wouldn’t Sebastian apply? He might enjoy the intellectual challenge of being on the other side. He might even be able to find out some inside dirt.

    1. Mary McFate aside, I do believe that the next Brady President will be a true believer on gun control. Plus, he actually doesn’t meet all of the criteria.

      Based on what seems to have been an internal bloodbath on personnel changes in the last year, it appears anyone who was capable of taking a more politically-viable moderate(-ish) approach has been cast off.

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